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As the sustainable materials technology company, AAE, LLC. brings choice to the clean technology and contemporary industries. We offer a stable and secure source of high purity materials that are critical for production of high-performing electric vehicle batteries and other energy storage devices. We also actively contribute to the dialogue on green technologies.

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Geothermal and lithium - the attractive development combination in the Saltern Sea

IMPERIAL, Calif., February 15, 2017 - (ThinkGeoEnergy) - The combination of geothermal resources and lithium at the Saltern Sea in California create a seemingly and incredibly attractive development opportunity and one can hope that plans for large scale geothermal power plant and lithium production facilities materialise.

Carbon - Negative Power Expected from Saltern Sea Projects

IMPERIAL, Calif., January 25, 2017 - (Engineering News-Record)A team of geothermal project developers aim to construct and operate the largest geothermal power plant in California's Imperial Valley. An equally experienced team is planning the engineering, construction and operation of a companion plant that will use a proprietary carbon-dioxide-negative technology to recover minerals from the geo≠thermal plant's brine before it is reinjected into the reservoir. Operating together, the plants will compose a CO2-negative, renewable-energy power producer.

Australian firm plans nation's largest geothermal plant in Imperial Valley

IMPERIAL, Calif., January 14, 2017 - (LA TIMES BUSINESS) - Controlled Thermal Resources and Alger Alternative Energy plan to tap the Imperial Valley's geothermal resources to bring a power plant online as early as 2020 that would be able to generate nearly six times the electricity as similar facilities in the area.  In addition, the mining operation would begin extracting lithium carbonate - used for battery production - as well as manganese, zinc and other minerals in 2019.

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