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AAE's bolt-on technology provides rapid access to lithium production from Imperial Valley brines altering the landscape of the global lithium market - all from a secure US location.


AAE has developed a transformative approach to materials production using geothermal brines, a by-product of geothermal power plants. Through years of ground-breaking research, the company has developed proprietary technology that seamlessly bolts onto existing geothermal power plants.

    • Technology can integrate into existing powers plants for brine supply 

    • Utilises brine post-power production for mineral extraction

    • Mineral depleted brine is re-injected into existing wells

    • Power plant process integration results in significant synergies


AAE, LLC. leverages brines from geothermal power production, where our proprietary separation technology extracts lithiummanganese, and zinc in high quality at the first product cut. We transform these materials using by-products from the geothermal plant, such as CO2, wastewater, and condensate, into high performance battery materials using our proprietary materials synthesis technology.

Our technology is fundamentally different from traditional, invasive methods of materials extraction that are energy intensive, require vast amounts of water and land, produce mountains of waste, and yield low performing materials with unwanted impurities.

By applying our breakthrough technology to the world's most prolific geothermal resource, found in California's Imperial Valley, AAE, LLC. are able to competitively, sustainably, and reliably meet the world's needs for high performance battery materials for years to come. This is made possible by our process technology that is virtually waste-free, requires minimal energy and land, enhances the environment, and fosters the production of geothermal power - the best source of renewable energy.


Solving the Historic Scaling Problem


  •  AAE has developed patent pending technology that removes scaling impurities

  • Photo's below show the scaling problems that occur without AAE's technology

 Pipe Scale Image 1   Pipe Scale Image 2

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