• Li

    From electric vehicle, mobile electronics batteries to glass, ceramics and pharmaceuticals, Lithium powers the world.

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  • Mn

    From electric vehicle and consumer electronics batteries to stainless steel, agriculture and chemical synthesis. We canā€™t live without manganese.

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  • Zn

    Zinc makes our lives easier. Alkaline and heavy duty batteries, agriculture, protective coatings and electric appliances are just some of the zinc-containing products that we rely on every day.

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  • K

    Potassium (as potash) is used as a crop nutrient. Simbol is developing processes for the recovery of potassium for agricultural uses.

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World Leading Technology. AAE, LLC.

At AAE, we are empowering clean energy and advancing the electric vehicle revolution with the world's highest performing lithium, manganese, and zinc battery materials. Our materials are produced from the most prolific hydrothermal brine resource in the world, providing competitive, reliable, scalable, and sustainable supply for your material needs.

The extraction technology is one which utilises clean geothermal energy, having a low environmental impact and producing little waste.

The lithium recovery plants are revolutionising the extraction process of geothermal brine with its patent protected extraction technology achieving in 90 minutes what takes 18 months using traditional methods of extraction:

    • Brine Purification
      • Proprietary - Muliple patents and pending patents
      • Over 9,000 hours of operation
      • Process does not rely on solar evaporation, eliminating weather risks and improving quality

    • Lithium Production
      • Shovel ready engineering design
      • The unique process will yield the lowest cost, highest purity battery grade lithium products
      • Access to a large untapped resource with minerial rights secured in the Imperial Valley

    • Manganese and Zinc
      • AAE's technology allows production of low cost micronutrient products and upgraded high purity products for the metal and battery industries

    • Potassium
      • AAE's technology allows for separation and recovery of potassium chloride (Muriate of Potash)
      • This innovation eliminates the need for massive salt piles and remediation liabilities

    • Vast Resource - The Hypersaline brine resource area contains staggering quantities of these important metals:

      • ~100 Million MT of Lithium Carbonate
      • ~150 Million MT of Manganese Oxide
      • ~360 Million MT of Zinc Oxide
      • ~5 Billion MT of Potassium Chloride

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